The Last Owlet


The last Owlet was the final owlet in The Little Hoot to be created. The design was determined through a children’s competition promoted by the Royal Sutton Coldfield Observer and the Sutton Coldfield Restaurant Quarter. The winning design was then translated onto the owlet by one of The Big Hoot’s professional artists, under the watchful eye of the young winner live in The Gracechurch Centre. When The Little Hoot closes, The Last Owlet will be donated to the winner’s school.  (to check that they are definitely royal and not just Sutton observer – to get the name of the winner and the artist ASAP as I think it’s only right that they are credited)

Owlet Name: The Last Owlet

Sponsors: Sutton Coldfield Restaurant Quarter & Royal Sutton Coldfield Observer

Trail Location: Gracechurch Centre


QR Code and name plaque: WAA Food quarter