The front of the design represents what young people involved in the project like about Richmond, Bierton Road and wider Yardley. The back represents what they would like to see in the area in the future. The name FITCAP Wisey refers to the fact that physical activity is important to positive health and wellbeing. FITCAP stands for Fitness in the Community Active Play.

Artist: Mr the Beef (Inkygoodness) working with FITCAP

Young people from the area selected to work with Derby-based artist, Mr the Beef, following a presentation by Birmingham arts organisation, Inky Goodness.

Participants attended design sessions at The Vibe and the Meadway Centre and worked with the artist to develop ideas and learn new painting techniques.  The group then helped the artist start to paint the owl, before it was delivered to his home studio to be finished.

Funded by Birmingham City Council and Birmingham Airport