Over 75 members of the community participated in workshops with the artist at Soho House Museum and Octavius’ workspace. The community wanted to express love, homes, migration and cultural heritage.The nest reflects this notion and the sticks intertwined represent our community. The linked coins, patterns, cogs and jewels spell out the message that together we are stronger.

Artist: Faith Pearson working with Octavius

Octavius learning and development partnership is a limited partnership ‘social enterprise’ and not for profit organisation. That is to say, ‘a business with primarily social objectives where any surpluses are reinvested in the business and the communities it serves.’

Its focus is on tenancy and neighbourhood sustainability, construction project management, housing, learning skills and waste prevention.


Funded by: Birmingham City Council, Veolia Environmental Trust and Baron Davenport’s Charity

Veolia Environmental Trust has ‘for 18 years been supporting compliant community and environmental projects in England and Wales by awarding grants through the Landfill Communities Fund ‘.


Baron Davenport’s Charity celebrated its 75th Anniversary in 2005. To mark this occasion, special grants from the Charity, amounting to £75,000, were presented by the Lord Mayor of Birmingham.