Perry Chocobow Swanet

The design is a narrative like a stained glass window. There are flowers showing the new generation, representing the Velvet Orchard Community Garden and the poppies refer to a remembrance display. The handshake represents the integrated community. On the back is a perry pear tree; as the monks used to make perry cider; with leaves coming over the head, symbolising the ‘growth’ of the community following the demolition of many of the houses in the 1990s.

Artist: Lawrence Roper working with Witton Lodge Community Association

Witton Lodge Community Association (WLCA) was established in 1994 in response to the near complete demolition of Perry Common.  From then onwards, it has tireless aimed to help the local community through the demolition of the old estate and the rebuilding of the new – keeping it at the centre of this process, with local people influencing important decisions.

It has 167 properties that it rents directly (with more to follow) and runs the much improved and extended Perry Common Community Hall – a focal point for the local community, hosting a wide array of clubs, meetings, events and much more.

Funded by: Birmingham City Council and NewRiver Retail