The Birchfield Sable

Black Voices created a clear formula for multiple art forms – spoken word, a cappella, film, photography, illustration, design and typography to come together through Jade Richards’ poem, ‘The Soul of Birchfield’. The poem is displayed around the owl with movement that represents a lyrical flow. The design uses Caslon and Baskerville typefaces that originated in Birmingham in the 1600s. Watch a special performance of The Soul of Birchfield here.

Artist: Jane Anderson working with Black Voices UK

The Birchfield Sable owl, and accompanying video, capture a snapshot of the mix of cultures found in and around the communities of Aston, Perry Bar and Birchfield. The collective expressions – textual, lyrical and soulful melodies of the artists involved, depict the colourful landscape and vibrant life that is the ‘Soul of Birchfield’. The synergy between the artists is incredible and it is hoped that this will be seen and felt by all who visit the owl.

‘Sable’, beautiful and rare; its unique strength is a symbol of the cultures that thrive and blossom in Birchfield when acceptance, freedom and respect are present.

Funded by: Aston Villa, Villa in the Community, Birmingham City Council and the Big Lottery Fund.