Nursery unveils their Little Hoot in magical way!

The Little Hoot has arrived in the most magical way possible at Bright Horizons Quayside Nursey, Ipswich
“The children were told a friend from the forest would be arriving and needed a nest to stay in while they were here, the children quickly got to work building the nest from leaves, sticks and items they found in and around the nursery. While they built it we spoke about what it could be and decided it might also need some food so got to work creating some insects it might like.
After our new friend was delivered, they discovered the box waiting in the nest and began to talk more about what could be inside, making sure they were super careful and quiet, while it was resting and getting ready to see us.
Next morning when they came in our statue was out and ready, they were so excited to see it was an owl and more so when they realised he had eaten some of the insects they had made 😊 he’s definitely going to be a big hit!”
Find out more about the Little Hoot community learning programme here –
The Big Hoot Ipswich 2022