Minerva is inspired by her namesake – the Roman goddess of art, who is often represented as being accompanied by an owl, and the Minerva stone which was found in Chichester. The owl design also includes the crests of Chichester and Arundel on her belt. Judith, was asked to design our hero owl before the trail began. She’s previously worked on 16 art trails, designing everything from snails to lighthouses! Judith is also a painter, illustrator and theatre-set designer.

Minerva’s sponsor is Chichester City Council. Located in the Council House on North Street, above the suspected site of the Roman temple of Neptune and Minerva, Minerva was the only choice for the City Council, sitting as she does next to the ancient Minerva Stone, which details the dedication of the temple by King Cogidubnus.

The Owls will raise funds at Auction

The legacy of The Big Hoot continues as in September 2024, the sculptures will take centre stage at a glittering auction to raise vital funds for Chestnut Tree House children’s hospice.

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