The owl is about the importance of love and kindness. Emma describes it as a bold design of overlapping hearts in merging rainbow colours – designed to be playful, joyful and bright. She hopes the design raises a smile from anybody who spots the owl out and about. Emma’s art style is often described as ‘naive art’, although she prefers the term ‘happy art’. She likes using bold, bright colours with black outlining to make the colours pop even more.

Thank you to Shoreham Vehicle Auctions for sponsoring this owl – they chose this design ‘because it symbolises both the love and support we would like to extend to the families at Chestnut Tree House, as well as representing the supportive working environment we try to promote as a business’

The Owls will raise funds at Auction

The legacy of The Big Hoot continues as in September 2024, the sculptures will take centre stage at a glittering auction to raise vital funds for Chestnut Tree House children’s hospice.

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